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  • Working from home today turned out to be a great idea!
  • The joys of having Mexican colleagues 😍 #tortillas #maseca This is just a kilo flour but I'm super excited about it!
  • And voila the end result. It's a brassy blonde. Will have to see what that looks like when I have make up on but so far it's ok and my hair feels quite ok. I will do an ash tone color this weekend though!
  • Getting rid of my #redhair This is the #colourb4 #ohshitmoment 🙎 Yep, my hair is yellow. I've been warned. But hey, no bleach!!!
  • We woke up to our own episode of #prisonbreak this morning! #degu #degusofinstagram #patanegra (yes, that's her name)
  • The ONE thing I wasn't supposed to forget. Duh #fail
Bannière Beauty to Go 728x90